Westlake tires

Westlake History

Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. is a tire manufacturer founded in 1958 which is the leading tire manufacturer in China and No.10 of the top 75 global tire manufacturers. The Chinese company is headquartered in Hangzhou, China with four subsidiaries ZC Europe, ZC America, ZC Brazil, and ZC Thailand.

To understand ZC Rubber's production capacity we can look at the annual amount. In 2018 it produced 19 million tires for Truck and Bus, 36.57 million Passenger Car & Light Truck Tires, and 84.51 million units for bicycle and motorcycle. Every year, the Chinese company invests millions of US dollars in testing facilities from the U.S, Germany, and Japan.

ZC Rubber cares a lot about environmental protection during the production process. To protect the health of workers, it invests a lot of money and resources offering more environmentally friendly products. The Chinese brand is selling tires in more than 120 countries worldwide.

ZC Rubber expands the replacement and OE markets being one of the main suppliers of Schmitz-Cargobull, DSV, Volvo, and TIP Trailer in Europe, Vanguard in the U.S and SAIC, SINO, and Geely.

Most popular Westlake tires

ZC Rubber produces a wide variety of tires especially for trucks, passenger cars, industrial vehicles, but also off-road, agricultural, and bicycle tires.

The Chinese company sells tires under the Westlake brand. One of the best premium commercial tires for all-season usage is Westlake All Season Master SW613. This model is designed to ensure remarkable safety, precise handling, and the best traction in snow, mud, and wet surface. Buying this tire the ride comfort and long tread life are guaranteed.

The most outstanding model from the truck and bus lineup is CM922. This tire comes with an aggressive siped zig-zag rib designed to help traction on both wet and muddy surfaces. Due to deep circumferential grooves, the tire receives improved water evacuation, lateral stability, and long tire life.

If you are looking for the best all-season tire for your SUV the SL309 can be the best choice. The SL309 comes with double-ply casing construction which handles heavy loads at highway speed.

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