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If you are looking for the ideal balance between contemporary tire technology and old school design, then the Cooper Cobra Radial GT is what you need. This model is a performance all season tire developed for a wide variety of vintage and classic muscle cars. It shows the high performance when it comes to traction, and road adherence. Cobra Radial GT stands out with a special tread design and with raised white lettering that adds a classic personality and style.

In the production of the Cobra Radial GT, Cooper uses premium quality materials and the latest manufacturing innovations to design a durable rubber product focused on performance, mileage, and comfort. Cooper Cobra Radial GT features an all season tread compound. Shaped into an optimized pattern with 10.5/32nds tread depth, the Cobra Radial GT promotes an extended lifespan and good casing protection. Five ribs with four linear and deep grooves force water, snow, and slush away for maximum contact with the road. In addition, round-shaped shoulder blocks promote more contact with the road for lateral stability. Solid center rib ensures responsive handling and easy steering even at low speeds. In addition, the wide footprint and special siping design inhibit road vibrations and noise. As a result, the ride becomes relaxed and comfortable.

Cooper Cobra Radial GT is produced in many sizes with 14" and 15" wheel diameters. Many clients say that this tire is the best all season model for their old Pontiac Firebird, Mercury Cougar, Chevrolet Camaro SS, and Ford Mustang.

Features and benefits

  • High quality performance all season tire with classic sidewall design.
  • Special notched center rib and innovative shoulder blocks provide uniform wearing.
  • Quiet and smooth ride due to wide and optimized tread blocks that reduce the outside noise.
  • Four straight grooves and special lateral grooves minimize the risk of aquaplaning.
  • Trustworthy internal construction ensures good speed performance but also resists with ease up to 118mph(T-speed ratings).
  • Available with Raised White Letter that looks really attractive and outstanding.
  • Protected by a 40,000 mileage tread warranty.

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