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Cooper history 

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company simply known as Cooper is an American company specialized in the manufacture of replacement automobile and commercial tires. Cooper Tire was founded in 1914 by John F. Schaefer and Claude E. Hart with headquarters in Findlay, Ohio. Cooper Tire counts around 60 manufacturing, design, technical, sales, distribution facilities worldwide. 

An important event was in 1960 when the company became a publicly held corporation and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 

The most important events in Cooper history were: 

  • In 1997, the American brand purchased Avon Tires Ltd. 

  • In 1999, it bought The Standard Products Company specialized in the production of vibration-control systems and plastic trim used in the automotive industry. 

  • In 2003, it agreed to a joint venture with Kenda Rubber Industrial Company, to construct a tire-manufacturing plant near Shanghai. 

  • In 2005, Cooper purchased 11% of Kumho Tires Company. 

Most popular Cooper tires 

The most popular Cooper all-season tires for passenger cars and minivans are the following models: COOPER ZEON RS3-G1, CS5 ULTRA TOURING, ADVENTURER TOUR, and COBRA RADIAL G/T. The Cooper tires are one of the most trustworthy products on the market offering quality and performance at the same time. 

For the best off-road experience, Cooper recommends pairing your SUV with the most capable tires from Cooper lineup: DISCOVERER ATP, DISCOVERER AT3 XLT, and DISCOVERER MTP. 

Due to the latest technologies used the Cooper products are one of the leaders in the tires market:  

  • Stabiledge Technology -ensure excellent stability on the road and better handling. 

  • 3D Micro Gauge™ Sipes- allow the tread blocks to interlock for maximum stability. Using this technology, the tire received increased traction, handling, and high safety features. 

  • R-Tech Engineering -offers improved lateral stability, thus ensuring a comfortable ride.


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