Linglong CROSSWIND HP010

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Thanks to modern tech, Crosswind is able to produce quality tires that do their job properly. One of them is the HP010, which is a performance tire that ensures all season traction. Besides that it's cheap, this model is as good as an expensive one due to its tread design and structure. This passenger tire is commonly used on compacts, coupes, sedans, even CUVs and SUVs.

Primarily, it offers great handling ability because of the smart, symmetric footprint pattern. The HP010 features wide and open shoulders with narrow lateral grooves. With their help, heat buildup isn't a problem anymore. Moreover, the shoulder ribs increase lateral traction and provide strong casing integrity. Durable sidewalls shield the inner part from road hazards while also boosting control in sharp corners. The five rib design enhances all season traction and prevents skidding issues. Four circumferential grooves eliminate water and slush from the tread area for decreased risk of aquaplaning. With that in mind, safety is something that Crosswind knows how to ensure.

Furthermore, the optimized placement of sipes offer strong road contact and grip. The central rib is built specifically to enhance handling and response for peace of mind while driving. Also, the internal structure guarantees tire stability and protection. Due to that, it performs very well under load pressure, with a maximum speed of 130 mph. The advanced rubber compounds resist colder environments and lead to a low rolling resistance for fuel efficiency. Because of computer work, this tire delivers high comfort levels and road shock absorption no matter the season.

Above that, Crosswind backs you with a 45,000 mile limited tread life warranty. It is available on the US market in popular sizes from 14" to 17" rim diameter. Customers recommend it on cars like Toyota Corolla, Škoda Rapid and Honda City.

Features and benefits

  • Cheap and reliable performance tire with all season capability.
  • Modern rubber compound offers strong road grip and resistance.
  • Stiff sidewalls protect the interior from lateral damage.
  • Symmetric five rib tread pattern allows for great handling and stability.
  • Durable internal construction increases comfort levels and mileage.
  • Wide linear grooves keep water and slush away from the patch area.

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