Nankang tires

Nankang History

Nankang Rubber Tire Corp., Ltd. is a tire manufacturer and other synthetic rubber products founded in 1959 in Taiwan. The Nankang satisfy global demand with its products exporting in over 100 markets worldwide, supplying more than 300 distributors throughout Europe, North America, Central, and South America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia. In 2006, the Chinese company obtained approximately 35% of its total revenue from the Americas customers. Using the principles of Japanese manufacturing technologies, the Nankang company met exponential growth. The corporation has Ford Motor Company's Q1 Certification and in 1994 obtained ISO-9001 certification. This company also makes rubber products for brands like Geostar, Milestar, and Provato.

Most popular Nankang tires

The company's products include a wide range of tires for light trucks, sedan cars, sport utility vehicles, and other vehicles.

The Nankang CX-668 is one of the most successful touring tires designed for coupes, sedans, and crossovers. This model is the best option for drivers who are looking for dependable year-round wet and dry traction and a high level of ride comfort at an affordable price. The main focus of Nankang engineers is to reduce the road and interior noise. Coming with an all-season tread compound, rounded shoulder blocks and a continuous center rib your car gained enhanced dry pavement grip and high cornering stability. This model is available from 12 to 15 inches and a 40,000-mile tread life warranty.

If you are looking for the true all-season high-performance tire then the Nankang AS-1 is for you. This model is designed for people for whom mileage, all-season, and high-performance handling are the main priorities. It uses the latest technologies and design from Nankang to serve the needs of millions of owners of sports coupes, sedans, and crossovers. Due to the two circumferential grooves and the addition of angled tread blocks combined with a silica enhanced tread compound the AS-1 ensures enhanced wet and snow grip and extra cornering stability. The AS-1 is available from 13 to 21-inch and speed ratings of T, H, V, W, and Y-speed ratings. A 40,000-mile tread warranty is also included.

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