Nokian NORDMAN 7

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Nokian Nordman 7

This model is a reliable and durable studded tire designed to ensure a high level of safety and comfort in severe winter conditions. The tire can adapt to changing weather providing a superior grip when it comes to braking and cornering performance on slippery roads.

This tire comes with ones of the most highlighted innovation:

  • Air Claw Technology means a perfect combination of a sturdy steel stud and drop-shaped air dampers on the tread blocks designed to ensure excellent grip properties and a low noise level and rolling resistance.

  • Anchor stud- boosts the longitudinal grip, offering trustworthy handling on the road.

  • This tire comes with a slush wedge added on both shoulders at the edge of the tire designed to increase the safety characteristics of the tire cutting through the wet slush between the road and the tread area.

  • The Eco Stud System- a special type of stud cushion which provides a flexible and safe ride experience.

Features & Benefits

  • 3D-siping

  • Eco Stud 7 System and Air Claw

  • Driving Safety Indicator (DSI)

  • Winter Safety Indicator (WSI)

  • Environmentally Friendly product

  • Double Slush Edge- removes snow and slush between the tire and the road surface reducing slush planing, thus enhancing lateral grip.

  • The Bear Claw design and base flange are extended laterally to improve cornering abilities.

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