Roadclaw tires

Let's get to know more about Roadclaw. Above all, we should point out that Roadclaw tires are developed by Winrun Tyre Co., Ltd which has headquarters in Guangzhou, China. This brand deals with the design and manufacture of tires uses as replacement tires to OEM. An interesting aspect of Winrun is that this factory produces tires under two brands - Winrun and Roadclaw. In the last years, Roadclaw knew increased growth and extends its tire lineup. Therefore, it offers a wide range of tires suitable for passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks. Before their products arrive to customers, they ensure their tires are of excellent quality and have affordable prices.

According to the Roadclaw catalog, their lineup consists of the following tire models:

  • RC70
  • RC97
  • EX80
  • EX30 RFT
  • EX30
  • Prixado A/T
  • Prixado R/T
  • Prixado H/T
  • Prixado H/T Plus
  • MT One
  • EX50

Best Road Claw all season tires

Elevate your driving experience to a whole new level with the Roadclaw EX30. When your vehicle fits this tire, you can conquer the open highways with confidence and style. This model is high performance tire ideal for the use of passenger cars and SUVs in year-round applications. It benefits from a modern tread design and a unique rubber compound optimized for all seasons. These work in tandem to increase the tire's dry, wet, and winter road grip, thus keeping forward motion at all times. At the same time, the pattern presents four straight grooves that prevent hydroplaning, by rapidly eliminating water and slush from the footprint. Due to the advanced internal structure, you receive complete control, remarkable comfort, and unmatched performance of your vehicle. If you need additional safety, you should keep in mind that EX30 is available in the Run Flat version, called EX30 RFT.

Best Road Claw summer tires

The most representative model from the Roadclaw summer lineup is the RC70. This model is an innovative UHP summer tire manufactured especially for passenger vehicles with a powerful engine under the hood. It features a reinforced rubber compound shaped into an ideal tread design. Its solid continuous center rib guarantees steering precision and directional stability. The upgraded UHP internal structure offers high speed stability and durability and handling. While the extra wide footprint ensures powerful traction on both wet and dry asphalt. Best of all, it is present on the market in limited sizes with big rim diameters from 20" to 30". For example, RC70 is a default fitment for sedans like Chevrolet Camaro, Cadillac XTS, Ford Mustang, and BMW M4, but also for customized SUVs like Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Yukon, and Cadillac Escalade.

Best Road Claw all terrain tires

For off road enthusiasts, Roadclaw has a special tire, called the Prixado A/T. As the name suggests, this model is a trustworthy all terrain tire developed for SUVs and light trucks. Equipped with aggressive tread patterns, reinforced sidewalls, and cut and chip resistant rubber compounds, the Prixado A/T guarantee enhanced traction, durability, and control, whether you're navigating rocky trails or maneuvering through urban challenges. Open shoulder blocks and innovative groove geometry ensure self cleaning no matter the road, no matter the weather condition. When it comes to presence on the market, it stays very well. It is developed in around 30 sizes with rim diameters from 14" to 20".

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