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This model is an ultimate high-performance summer tire designed especially for drivers of powerful coupes, performance sedans, and luxury SUVs who are looking for superior traction, excellent dry and wet traction, responsive handling along maximized grip and steering precision.

The ULTRAC VORTI R comes with a specialty polymer and resin compound molded into an asymmetric tread pattern that presents Z-shaped grooves for high stiffness at the center rib designed to provide low rolling resistance, and good fuel efficiency. This model is made with a high traction tread compound designed to provide superior wet and dry braking performance.

For safety reasons, this model has three main longitudinal grooves and one secondary combined with lateral tread grooves designed to enhance drainage performance providing increased hydroplaning resistance, maintain road grip, and driving stability.

This tire has a larger tread contact area which promotes extra driving stability and optimal distribution of pressures. Due to its unique tread pattern, this model shows low interior noise for a quiet and pleasurable driving experience. One of the most highlighted features of this tire is the innovative tire contour designed for minimum deformation during cornering.

Vredestein ULTRAC VORTI is available from 19 to 21-inch sizes, with Y-speed ratings, backed by 1 year of unconditional warranty or manufacturer warranty.

Features and benefits

  • Ultimate high-performance summer tire.

  • Asymmetrical tread pattern.

  • Larger tread contact area which promotes driving stability and optimum distribution of pressures.

  • Optimized for use on the front or rear axle providing high steering responsiveness.

  • Excellent acoustic comfort thanks to its special tread design that dampens sound generated during rolling, making for a quiet and pleasurable drive.

  • Wide circumferential and lateral grooves provide strong braking, acceleration, and handling performance.

  • Developed with eco-friendly tread compounds for low rolling resistance, reduced fuel consumption, and less CO2 emissions.

  • Backed by 1 year of unconditional warranty or manufacturer warranty.

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