Michelin X-ICE SNOW

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Michelin X-Ice SNOW

This model is one of the most popular studless winter tires from the Michelin lineup built especially to serve a wide range of coupes, premium sedans, minivans, and crossovers. It can provide confidence traction during many different winter road conditions.

Michelin X-Ice SNOW comes with a compound that contains a high silica content designed to make the tread more flexible, providing good cornering grip, safe and comfortable ride. This compound is molded into a continuous V-Shape, directional tread pattern along with groove widths to boost hydroplaning and slush performance, increasing the traction on snow-covered surfaces. Compared to its predecessor, the X-Ice shows improved braking and acceleration performance.

Notched sipes offer numerous biting edges to improve traction in severe winter conditions. To maintain an efficient contact patch for control on packed snow the Michelin uses variable thickness sipes. The X-Ice SNOW uses Flex-Ice 2.0 compound which generates micro-roughness on the tread pattern to enhance grip both in snow and on ice.

When it comes to presence on the market, Michelin X-Ice SNOW stays very well. It is available in a wide range of sizes with rim diameters from 14" to 22". Moreover, this model is backed by a 40,000-mile tread life or 6 years of standard limited warranty.

Features and benefits

  • Advanced studless winter tire with BSW design.

  • Two types of full-depth sipes for ultimate Snow & Ice Confidence.

  • Great Fuel Efficiency due to cutting-edge technologies used by Michelin.

  • The Flex-Ice 2.0 silica formula ensures superior control and stability in snow and rain.

  • Michelin claims the X-Ice has 10% better braking over other tires in its class.

  • Special steel belts for more strength, rigidity, and durability.


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