How Good Are Nexen Tires And Which Models Should You Consider?

How Good Are Nexen Tires And Which Models Should You Consider?

You may have met this tire manufacturer a little more rarely than Bridgestone or Hankook. It is much more affordable than many other brands on the market. However, it offers quite reasonable quality. With these 2 fundamental characteristics, this tire maker is worthy of your consideration, especially when the number one priority is a fair budget, without sacrificing quality. What is it about? It is about the Nexen tire maker that we will talk about in detail in this article.

Lucky me I had the opportunity to test various tires from the Nexen catalog. I have a friend who settled in the U.S. from Korea for some time and is a loyal customer of this manufacturer. Are you wondering what the connection is between my friend and Nexen Tires? Well, the tires also originate from Korea. As such, it is about loyalty to the homeland, but also to the fairly decent quality of these tires.

In this article, I will reveal everything I know about these tires. Also, I will list some Nexen tire models, which, I think, must be on your radar. Last but not least, we will see together what are the benefits of this tire maker and how reasonable it is to consider a Nexen tire. Curious? Then I won't keep you in suspense for long and we'll start right away.

Nexen Tires Overview

Above all, you must know that we are talking about a mid-range tire manufacturer here. If you are interested in this category, then this article is definitely for you. You will not find ultra-premium tires at exorbitant prices, as you would expect from a premium-class tire maker. Instead, you will find a harmonious balance between a reasonable price and decent quality.

I propose to start with a small overview of this tire maker before listing its most worthy models. This will broaden your horizons about it and make you resonate better (or worse) with its products.1

Who Is Nexen Tires Made By?

This manufacturer comes from Korea. By the way, this is one of the first tire manufacturers in that country. So, we are dealing with a leader in the Korean industry. Previously, this company was preceded by the Heung-A company which opened its activity back in 1942. It was this company that established the foundation of the tire industry in Korea.

13 years ago, in 2000 to be exact, the company underwent a major rebranding, changing its name to the current Nexen. In fact, the new name carries a certain subtext in itself. It includes 2 purposes in its essence that form the fundamental goals of the brand: "next" and "century". With these in mind, Nexen is determined "to drive a better tomorrow and prepare for the future".

With this solid determination, Nexen established its roots in the U.S. in 2005. This opened the doors to a global expansion through which Nexen developed an imposing network and presence. Nexen tires may not be the first you think of. But they are the beneficiaries of multiple awards. In addition, the manufacturer records annual sales of billions of dollars, which speaks of global recognition.

Where Are The Nexen Factories?

It is obvious that being a Korean company, its headquarters are in Korea. To be precise, in the city of Yangsan. Also there, the tire maker has multiple factories. But, starting with the 2000s when it experienced a fruitful development, Nexen broadened its horizons towards China.

As for the U.S., Nexen does not have factories to produce the tires here. Instead, it has a development and research facility in the U.S. For now, this tire maker has 4 operating manufacturing plants. Two of them are in the country of origin, one in China, and one in Europe, that is, in the Czech Republic. 2

Are Nexen Tires Good Quality?

Drivers want to know how viable Nexen tires are, considering that they are not among the most popular in the U.S. All I can say is that the slightly lower popularity compared to premium tire brands can be explained exclusively by more modest advertising. But by no means low quality. On the contrary, this tire maker is faithful to high safety and quality standards.

Maybe it is not as popular as Bridgestone. But the over two billion dollars per year sales speak of a high level of trust on the part of consumers. And trust is built exclusively on the safety and quality guarantee. Nexen has a wide variety of tires. This brand is an expert in the production of tires for sedans, trucks, and SUVs. It has well-defined values that it respects with sanctity. Here they are...

Nexen Tires Advantages

Durability Warranty

Nexen is one of the most generous tire makers in terms of warranty. This aspect is one of the main reasons why drivers opt for its tires. In addition, the tire maker is very loyal to its clientele. In this sense, it proposes not only the warranty of impressive mileage but also protection against tire damage.

With such a warranty package, drivers feel confident that the tire maker will have them backed up. As such, they have enough reasons to trust the brand while spending pretty reasonable prices.

Tire Technological Innovations

Nexen remains true to the essence of its name. Having a well-defined orientation towards the future, this tire maker does not tire of developing, researching, and trying new advanced technologies in its tires. The beautiful part is that most of them are a resounding success. To mention a few innovative technologies, Nexen is the one that developed the V-oriented and Green Hive tires.

For newbies in this field, the Green Hive tread pattern aims to maximize the stability and intensity of the tires. This is achieved through the phenomenal shock-absorbing properties and strength inherent in the tire's hexagonal architecture.

As for the V-shaped tire pattern, it plays the role of resisting hydroplaning spectacularly. This design displaces water extremely efficiently while delivering enhanced handling in mud and snow.

Creative Tire Design

Nexen stands out for its creative tire designs. Despite the aesthetic attractiveness, these designs always bring technical and aerodynamic improvements to the tires, which increases their performance. As a result, Nexen was the winner of multiple awards around the world in this field. 3

Which Are The Best Nexen Tires?

Nexen has a rich catalog of tires. You can easily choose options for sedans, SUVs, or trucks. I will start by listing some worthy models from the all-season touring series. Then, I will continue with highway all-season tire options. Further on, I will present you with some summer models, and I will finish with some all-terrain and winter tire options. Thus, you will be able to know various models depending on the type of vehicle and the road conditions you drive most often.

All-season Touring Nexen Tires

Nexen Tire N Plug AH5

I will start with a model that meets all the expectations of a great touring tire. It is about the Nexen Tire N Priz AH5 model. What will amaze you is the advantageous price of this tire. But more than that, you will be amazed to discover how complex it is for this price. The Nexen Tire N Priz AH5 tire has longitudinal grooves for decent traction. In addition, it comes with a dual design that ensures sufficient rigidity to cope with different road conditions. Ultimately, the tire maker offers a warranty of 50,000 miles, which is not much less than the warranty of some premium alternatives.

While rolling with this tire on wet surfaces, it is very stable and easy to handle. The contact with the pavement is constant and firm as the structure of the tire drains water from it quickly and efficiently.

Drivers usually report positive feedback regarding braking and cornering skills. If you maintain a reasonable speed, this tire will brake nimbly within a safe distance. The distance is not as short as in the premium alternatives. But it is quite short for a mid-range tire. As for the cornering, our testers did not notice under or over-steering. The tire enters corners very cautiously and its rigidity ensures balanced stability.

Nexen N Plug AH5 Dry Performance

This tire maintains a firm bond with the dry pavement. The grip is effective due to the adhesive components in the tire composition. You will be satisfied with it if you do not have sporty expectations from your driving experience. It behaves loyally meeting drivers' everyday needs.

Another aspect worth appreciating is the balanced ratio between noise control and overall comfort. The Nexen N Priz AH5 tire is neither too soft nor too stiff. So, its structure is like a golden mean that is rigid enough to resist aggressive objects on the road but also elastic enough to pass smoothly over road deformities. Also, it inhibits noise quite decently both on highways and in urban areas.

At the end of the day, I can only praise the array of benefits of this model. A demanding driver will probably find some flaws in it. But in Nexen's favor, I must note that it exceeds expectations for its price.

Benefits: pretty decent grip for dry surfaces, bold design with up-to-the-mark durability, competitive price, great wet performance, 50,000-mile warranty service.

Shortcomings: not reliable in ice and snow conditions. This model does not have special components and technologies for resistance and competence in a snow environment.

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Nexen N Priz AH8

If the previous model doesn't suit you because of the lack of snow and ice performance, no problem! Here you have a suitable alternative if confidence in light snow is a priority for you. It is about the Nexen N Priz AH8 tire that differs from the previous one in particular by its decent performance in light snow.

This tire combines smooth comfort and stable handling. It is possible to feel the lack of feedback at high speeds, but in the end, it is something normal for a mid-class all-season touring tire. Grip and traction on land feel confident. The handling is quite responsive.

Riding on wet surfaces is equally safe and easy to handle. Our testers didn't feel the lack of control or responsiveness, even when they tried to add some speed. However, the stability was maintained until the moment the car accumulated a higher speed. For example, the traction started decreasing a bit after going over 65 mph. That's where testers began to feel the first signs of hydroplaning. In conclusion, the Nexen N Priz AH8 model is definitely more about dry conditions than wet.

Nexen N Priz AH8 In Snow

In Nexen N Priz AH8's defense, I should note that this tire handles well the light snow. Its structure is complex enough to bite out of it, providing good traction. But this is only valid for thin snow. If the conditions worsen, so do the properties of the tire. So, this model should definitely not be considered an alternative for winter tires.

I cannot fail to mention the aspect of comfort on rough roads, which, unfortunately, will probably disappoint you slightly. This tire is much too stiff for such roads and will hardly overcome their imperfections. The loud noise as well as the possible vibration in the cabin will not impress you much. On the other hand, this tire is not bad at all on flat roads. If you choose it judiciously and use it only on good roads, you will have pretty smooth rides.

Benefits: great dry grip and traction, pretty acceptable for light snow, ride smoothness on highway roads, attractive price.

Shortcomings: risky in heavy rain conditions at high speeds, definitely not an option for heavy snow and ice, average noise control, and average comfort on uneven surfaces. 5

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Nexen Tire Aria AH7

This tire is probably the most universal of all the all-season touring offerings in this post. When I say "universal" I mean mostly its ability to withstand wet and dry surfaces, as well as light snowy conditions.

This tire feels confident and controllable on both wet and dry surfaces. It is possible to feel a bit of instability while cornering at high speed, but this is explained by the relatively soft composition of the tire. To control the stability, it is only necessary to control the speed. With a judicious speed, cornering is smooth and quite safe.

On the other hand, tire softness is necessary for the Nexen Tire Aria AH7 tire to remain flexible in light winter conditions. As such, it passes decently over the thin snow, delivering viable traction and fairly firm contact with the road. However, I do not recommend considering this tire as an option for winter driving.

Last but not least, this model will satisfy the expectations of comfort and noise control. It retains vibrations and noises well enough even at relatively high speed on highways.

On the whole, this tire cannot be compared with a premium class one. But for its price, it certainly delivers more than you expect from all points of view.

Benefits: decent comfort and not too-noisy rides, respectable handling and traction on dry tarmac, decent handling on wet roads, up-to-the-mark behavior on light snow, great suitability for daily needs, nice overall performance, and great tire mileage warranty of up to 80,000 miles.

Shortcomings: not viable for harsh winter conditions including heavy snow and ice layers on the road. 6

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Highway All-Season Tires

Nexen Roadian HTX RH5

My Korean friend shared his driving experience with Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 tires. He uses them for his light truck. At the moment, the tires already have a mileage of a little more than 15,000 miles. Still, my friend praises their good viability and good shape for this mileage. As such, the first benefit to note in this model is its resistance and its good working order even after accumulating some mileage.

Statistics and reviews confirm that this tire behaves very stably on highways. It delivers superb traction on the dry tarmac without sacrificing comfort and quietness. Moreover, it brakes quite nimbly with a quite impressive distance for a budget tire.

The great thing is that the performance remains high even on wet roads. At the same time, they offer a sense of stability and balance, either when changing lanes or when doing cornering maneuvers. I can also add that these tires are quite cooperative in hydroplaning conditions, offering a very impressive cornering grip on slippery surfaces. I can definitely say that highways are a favorable environment for this model, regardless of whether it is wet or dry.

Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 Cons

I cannot say the same about performance in winter conditions. This tire is capable of light snow control but not more than that. The handling and traction are stable only when the snow is very thin, maybe a couple of inches. But they decrease significantly with the fall of heavy snow. For such purposes, a set of best winter tires is a better solution. 

Another thing missing from the profile of this tire is responsiveness. Compared to other models on this list, the Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 has a poorer input feedback and the response from the road is somehow more numb.

Benefits: Great wet cornering, acts like fish in the water on highways, decent grip on dry tarmac, pretty short stopping distance, comfort and noise control good enough.

Shortcomings: This tire is less responsive. In addition, it's not an option for winter conditions. 7

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Nexen Roadian CT8 HL

This tire is a bit more specialized so it tends to meet the needs of commercial travel. In fact, Nexen has prioritized the durability and resistance of the Roadian CT8 HL tire to cope with the specifics of commercial driving.

In this sense, the tire maker went with the concept of a durable and rigid tire. These 2 aspects give the tire an impressively long life in which it is ready to face the additional load and the stress of long runs.

In addition, Nexen understands how important comfort is in commercial driving. In this sense, it looked for solutions to optimize the well-being of the driver so that he does not feel excessive vibrations or disturbing noises.
Consequently, this tire has a special structure that ensures sufficient elasticity for smooth riding. In the same context, this tire provides quite bold traction for its category. Last but not least, it remains viable and responsive even in wet conditions. 

Nexen Roadian CT8 HL Cons

There is no need to consider this model for the cold season. The tire has wide and deep grooves for traction purposes, but these are not intended for traction in snow and ice. If your priority is winter performance, look for winter Nexen tires that await you at the end of the article.

Benefits: impressive durability and resistance to long mileage, pretty smooth ride, nice wet and dry handling and control, a great option for daily necessities.

Shortcomings: like most of the tires on this list, the Nexen Roadian CT8 HL is not suitable for hard winter roads. 8

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Summer Tires

Nexen Tire NFERA SU1

For the hot season of the year, you need summer tires that can withstand heat build-up and extreme temperatures. One of the Nexen models that accumulates among the highest ratings in terms of summer performance is the Nexen Tire NFERA SU1.

The advantage of this tire is its decent resistance to extreme temperatures. In addition, it maintains its grip on the hot pavement, delivering as a result, stable traction.

In the same vein, wet summer conditions do not change the behavior of this tire much. It remains just as stable, even if you have to control the speed when it's raining heavily. That's because you could feel a bit sensitive side grip on the wet pavement.

Despite the decent summer dry and wet performance, you have to expect not the most impressive handling. This translates into a braking distance that is not as short as in other performance models. Also, the response to the driver's inputs is delayed in responding. It is possible to feel a slight understeering while cornering. With these in mind, the Nexen Tire NFERA SU1 tire is a good option when you are not looking for super sporty and agile driving. It performs decently and you have to give it enough time to complete the tasks you give it.

Benefits: good grip, nice balance on wet surfaces, good resistance to heat, decent overall ride quality, acceptable tread life warranty for a summer tire of 25,000 miles.

Shortcomings: premium performance tires deliver more in terms of responsiveness, agility, and handling. 9

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Nexen Tire NFERA SUR4

The NFERA SUR4 tire comes to solve what the NFERA SU1 model cannot: better handling. This tire is much more agile in responsiveness and more precise in steering. This provides impressive stability even at high speeds. For its price, I must admit that it behaves very decently in summer conditions.

The previous model is a bit more numb. The NFERA SUR4, on the other hand, is safer in braking as it stops more quickly. Also, dynamic acceleration surprises with firm and bold traction. These characteristics are valid for both wet and dry roads. What's more, it controls noise surprisingly well, even better than many other options in its class.

Nexen Tire NFERA SUR4 Cons

These benefits come with a price to pay. This is the relatively short life cycle of the NFERA SUR4 tire. Well, it is expected that a summer tire will last much less than an all-season one, for example. This is explained by its tenacious grip that leaves more rubber on the road. However, the NFERA SUR4 model is not very durable even for a summer tire.

I think it is unnecessary to mention that this tire is not suitable for winter. No summer tire should be used in snowy conditions.

Advantages: pretty short braking distance, nice balance, and stability at high speed, very promising performance both on wet and dry surfaces, model compatible with performance driving, good resistance in hot weather.

Shortcomings: tread life durability is short even for a summer tire. 10

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All-Terrain Tires

Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8

I can recommend this all-terrain Nexen tire for 2 reasons. One is the price, which is the most advantageous of all Nexen all-terrain models. The second consists of the decency of the tire in the intended conditions.

From the experience of those who managed to test this model, the Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 seems to offer quite a lot in all-terrain circumstances. It stands out for its stability while on dry pavement as well as strong traction on dirt and gravel.

The list of benefits also includes nice balance and control in wet conditions. Maybe not the most suitable tire for hydroplaning. However, you will surely arrive home safe and sound if you control the speed judiciously. Due to its specific anatomy, the tire throws water in parts efficiently, trying to maintain a good grip on the road surface.

I have no experience with these tires on rocky terrain and deep mud. But, according to customer reviews, it seems to cope well enough in such conditions.

The good side of things is that this tire performs great in snowy conditions. This time, it's not just light snow, but harsher winter conditions. To confirm that, this model has the Three-Peak Snowflake emblem, which speaks of its superior viability in winter.

While the performance profile sounds quite impressive, the Roadian AT Pro RA8 tire has certain inferiorities. It is about its low comfort and average noise control. The rigid structure and bold anatomy might be beneficial for superb traction in all-terrain conditions. However, it is certainly disadvantageous for comfort while generating pretty high levels of noise.

Benefits: great endurance, reliable traction in gravel, dirt, and mud, promising traction on wet and dry surfaces, highly confident in winter.

Shortcomings: not the best option when comfort and noise control are among the driver's priorities. 11

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Winter Tires

Nexen Winguard Sport 2

I'll go straight to the point: the Nexen Winguard Sport 2 tire is in superb condition for a difficult winter. I have no interest in praising or criticizing Nexen tires. So, I'm just saying what's objective. The Nexen Winguard Sport 2 tire is one of the most reliable models for winter conditions in its class.

The tire maker totally nailed it with the anatomy of this tire. Nexen opted for a V-shaped tread design to dramatically increase its stability and traction. The driving dynamics and the power with which it passes through the snow are ensured by 3D Winter kerf technology. This, by the way, is a patented invention by Nexen.

Due to the technological complexity, the Nexen Winguard Sport 2 tire provides superb winter potential. I even dare to compare it with some premium class tires that the Nexen Winguard Sport 2 N surpasses in certain aspects.

Nexen Winguard Sport 2 Pros

Both the overall powerful performance in snow and the confident dynamics on ice are almost superior, with only small aspects to improve. This tire feels sporty and confident in any maneuver and input. Responsiveness is also superior, which ensures absolute control in the driving experience.

I recommend this tire exclusively for harsh winter conditions. It does not cope with all-season conditions as well because it loses its capacity in wet conditions. With the melting of the snow, the Nexen Winguard Sport 2 tire does not cope very well with the accumulation of water on the roads. As such, it is prone to hydroplaning unless you drive at a very low speed.

Advantages: tires with a generous dose of sportiness in them, nice responsiveness to the driver's maneuvers, superb snow handling and traction, highly equitable balance between ice handling and snow performance.

Shortcomings: you better switch to all-season tires when the snow starts to melt. The Nexen Winguard Sport 2 tire is not one of the best options for wet conditions. 12

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Nexen Winguard Ice Plus

Another remarkable winter model in the Nexen catalog is the Winguard Ice Plus tire. What makes it superior to other winter options is its superb ride quality. Many times, different tire makers have to sacrifice comfort in winter tires to increase the traction coefficient. However, this rule is not valid for this model.

All I can say is that this tire is almost as comfortable as one from the touring class. It inhibits noise and absorbs vibrations impressively well for a winter tire.

Like its previous counterpart, the Nexen Winguard Ice Plus is a true ally to pass through harsh snow with dignity and confidence. This is due to the V-shaped structure. But, unlike the previous model, this one behaves much better in wet conditions. Some ratings attribute an aquaplaning efficiency of 91% out of 100%, which speaks of a very solid result.

Nexen Winguard Ice Plus Cons

I must note that the performance of this tire is a bit more deficient in dry conditions. I mean, this is pretty good anyway. However, the tire performs better in wet than in dry environments. If I have to talk in numbers, the Nexen Winguard Ice Plus accumulates a score of 79.51% in dry performance, while the wet one reaches 84.57%.

As the name of the tire promises, it is quite confident even on icy surfaces. The tire has plenty of biting edges that help it maintain good stability on ice. However, Nexen still has work to do to bring the level of on-ice performance to the level of premium tires. According to statistics, ice performance reaches 87.33%, which is slightly lower than snow performance, which marks a little over 95%.

Advantages: effective tread design for harsh winter conditions, nice ride in terms of quietness with decent vibration control, great grip on wet surfaces and promising hydroplaning resistance, impressive winter overall performance.

Shortcomings: there is room for ice handling improvement. 13

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Nexen Winguard Winspike 3

I will complete my listing with the Winguard Winspike 3 winter model. Its main benefit is the responsiveness of this tire, something I have rarely encountered before.

This tire offers an increased degree of feedback. This is extremely important for a winter option. If the feedback is lazy, the tire risks losing traction and getting stuck in the snow. This model, though, responds confidently and nimbly.

The anatomy of the Winguard Winspike 3 has enough biting edges to deliver stunning performance in ice and snow. Its tread is flexible enough to make the rolling as smooth as possible, while durable enough to serve multiple seasons.

While great in snow and wet environments, the Winguard Winspike 3 tire lacks enough performance in dry conditions. This will deliver traction and grip over medium, but not as high as in wet conditions.

Advantages: great stability and grip in rainy weather, reliable traction and grip on icy surfaces, super flex in the tire tread, highly responsive, great abilities to remove water and snow.

Shortcomings: the average dry performance might make drivers want something more special for dry surfaces. 14

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Nexen Tires: FAQs

Why Should You Choose Nexen Tires?

Let's talk about Nexen tires in general. Now you already know the advantages and disadvantages of specific Nexen tires. Let's take a closer look at what Nexen offers as a tire brand. After all, each tire maker has its own criteria based on which it creates its products. In the end, the driver is the one who either aligns or does not with these criteria. Let's see what are the criteria by which Nexen operates.

Nexen Advantages

Nexen is generous in its warranties. It proposes reliable warranty service that increases confidence in it;
- this tire maker stands out for its creativity and is different from traditional designs. However, Nexen prioritizes efficiency in them first;
- the price offered by this tire maker is very attractive for its level of quality;
-Nexen offers a versatile catalog for various needs and various types of vehicles.

Nexen Shortcomings

You cannot expect the same superior performance from Nexen tires as from premium manufacturers. These are very viable for their price category but do not offer the highest quality standard that a tire can have in the modern industry.

Is Nexen a Chinese Tire Maker?

The country of origin of Nexen is South Korea. As such, its headquarters and most production factories are located there. Nexen indeed owns a manufacturing plant in China. The tires that are distributed in the Asian network are usually produced in China. Those available in Europe are produced in the Czech Republic where Nexen also has a manufacturing plant.

Does Nexen Have Run-Flat Tires?

This tire maker has a very extensive catalog. It includes models for different vehicles and different conditions. In the same context, this tire maker also has run-flat tires that integrate a wide variety of innovative technologies.

What Is The Average Life Span of Nexen Tires?

The durability of Nexen tires depends on the model chosen. On the whole, the average life span varies between 50,000 and 60,000 miles. The manufacturer recommends that drivers maintain Nexen tires properly. That implies timely tire rotation and balance, as well as wheel alignment. In this way, Nexen tires will serve their purpose to their maximum potential.

Can I Use Nexen All-Season Tires in Winter?

For now, Nexen all-season tires are designed for mild winter conditions. This assumes temperatures that are not extremely low and snow that is no greater than 2 inches. Everything that goes below these criteria becomes risky for Nexen tires. They do not have enough structure to cope with the harsh winter conditions. As such, drivers are recommended to switch to Nexen winter tires for difficult winters. In case the usual winter tires are not enough, you might want to check our best studdable tires for extreme winter conditions

Bottom Line

As you can see, Nexen has a lot to offer, starting with summer options and ending with optimal winter alternatives. All models provide above-average performance with a high sense of safety. The price of Nexen tires is one of its biggest advantages. If you choose the right Nexen tire, you are likely to be quite satisfied with its performance. "Right" means in alignment with your specific needs and driving conditions. I hope I didn't miss anything in this article and now you know everything you need to know about Nexen. Thank you for successfully reaching the end of this not-so-short article. 

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