Looking For Quiet Tire For A Refined Ride? Look No Further

Looking For Quiet Tire For A Refined Ride? Look No Further

How important is ride quietness to you? For me, this aspect is extremely critical because I travel a lot on highways. Since I switched to tires that prioritize ride noise suppression, I have understood how comfortable my daily driving can be.
The problem of road noise is not only about frustration and discomfort. This distracts us from the road making us pay less attention to various operations. Thus, road noise is directly proportional to less safety on the road.

While the music in the cabin would be a solution to minimize the noise, this is also not a good solution if we look at things from a safety perspective. While many drivers mistakenly believe that the engine is the one that intensifies the roar on highways, the tires are actually the ones that turn the ride into an uncomfortable one. As such, you could start by choosing silent tires instead of changing the car to a quieter one.

Today, tire makers place special emphasis on mitigating tire noise. For this, they include a series of technologies designed to control their noise. However, we must admit that not every tire has such technologies. Thus, you can buy a superb tire from the perspective of performance, but insufficient from the perspective of noise control.

So, this article is about blending together decent performance AND ride quietness. All this must necessarily be completed with a high level of safety, as the latter is the most crucial criterion in a tire. Read on to find out which tire models offer you all of these on the table. So, enough with the mumbo jumbo, let's see which tires offer the smoothest and quietest ride on the market today!

Best All-Season Quiet Tires for Passenger Cars

Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack

Don't tell me you haven't heard of these tires. Surely you have heard rumors mentioning their versatility in different conditions. Well, it's true. But, in addition to everything, this model excels in its ability to control and suppress noises.

To begin with, this touring tire controls the noise level superbly. It can be felt somewhere deep, but only at high speed, and is never intrusive. In addition to suppressing noise, this tire copes equally well with bumps. When it seems to me that a bump is much too big, I pass it smoothly as if it were very small. So, the QuietTrack definitely deserves its name.

The best thing of all is that this tire does not sacrifice performance in favor of the above-mentioned advantages. This will surprise you with its dry grip and traction, being the most fabulous of its kind.

And things are not limited to dry handling and performance. All the advantages remain valid even for wet roads, where you will have superb handling and precise response.

Okay, let's talk about shortcomings...

... So that you don't say that I praise this model too much. Its disadvantage consists of poor performance in winter conditions. What did you expect? After all, it's an all-season tire. And like most all-season tires, this one is somehow safe, but only in light conditions. If you want to have superior performance in an extreme wintery environment, go straight to Michelin CrossClimate 2 to satisfy your ambitions.

As for the Turanza QuietTrack, this will carry you safely and soundly on most snow roads, delivering decent steering and braking. Personally, I didn't feel any attempts to lose control. But I admit that the winter conditions were not extreme when I tested the tire.

If you are one of those who prioritize durability, it's time to know that Bridgestone offers an 80,000 treadwear warranty. I don't know if it's too much or too little for you. But I know for sure that this is the highest warranty in the category. Drivers confirm the impressive real-life tread resistance, which is also telling.

Oh, an insignificant detail: the price is like "OUCH!" for most drivers. However, don't think too much about the price until you weigh the multitude of benefits of this model.

Summing up pros and cons

-Great braking properties with short distances on the wet tarmac;
- Decent braking and feedback on light snow;
-Surefooted handling in heavy rain even at high speed;
-phenomenal traction and road adherence on dry surfaces;
-Highly promising durability and treadwear warranty;
-Superb noise and vibration inhibition.

-Good snow handling but not as good as it's in-class opponents;
- Pricey.

Best Touring All-Season Quiet Tires for Rain

Continental PureContact LS

This Continental model comes to solve what the QuietTrack model lacks: the snow performance. It has solid properties to handle snow-covered roads with dignity and power. This translates into great response, nice handling, and more confident traction.

Chiefly, this tire knows very well how to perform in rainy conditions. It withstands superb cornering forces during rainy days and opposes solid resistance against hydroplaning. Also, the traction is strong and firm while you handle the tire with ease and control.

When weather conditions become mild and the roads dry out, this tire continues to remain firm and stable. However, what changes slightly is the responsiveness of the steering wheel, which becomes less reactive.

However, we are talking about ride quietness in this article. And this Continental shows itself superbly in this aspect. The only competitor is probably the previous QuietTrack, but not more than that. This is modest in noise even if you push it harder on highways.

On the other hand...

I guess Continental could have done better in terms of ride comfort. The PureContact leaves room for better when it passes over surfaces with deformities and repetitive impacts. But once it's back on highways, it quickly recovers, delivering the much-desired superior comfort.

Another advantage in favor of PureContact is its resistance over time. This is available with a warranty of 70,000 treadwear for all its sizes. It may not sound as promising as Bridgestone, but it is more than enough for a touring all-season tire.

Summing up pros and cons

- Decent traction and great braking response on dry surfaces;
-Superb lateral grip and great braking capabilities on wet roads;
-Decent quietness on highways;
-Promising tread life warranty;
- Reliable handling and traction in light winter conditions.

-Some rigidity on sharp surfaces;
-Despite high responsiveness, the steering is light and non-linear.

Best for All-weather Conditions

Michelin CrossClimate 2

This tire has the highest winter performance rating of all the ones I mentioned so far. This CrossClimate promises guaranteed longitudinal traction in snowy conditions, in addition to impressive traction and calibrated handling.

I have known this model since last year. I had the opportunity to test it myself. Knowing its agile abilities in snow, I expected a mediocre performance on wet and dry roads. This is because many tire makers sacrifice it in favor of snow performance. However, it didn't take long for me to change my mind. This tire turned my impressions about all-weather tires upside down and I understood how well it combines them all together.

The tire feels very confident in wet and dry conditions as if these were the purpose for which it was designed. Great traction, superbly agile braking, and impressive lateral grip - they are all about CrossClimate 2 on wet and dry surfaces.

If I were to evaluate the wet performance with the dry one in this tire, probably the wet one would win a few extra points. However, this does not compare to the PureContact LS, which is superior to the CrossClimate.

What did Michelin sacrifice, though?

Maybe comfort? Well, not really, to be honest. This is quite decent, especially on highways. However, it is not as decent as its rival Bridgestone QuietTrack. On the whole, the CrossClimate offers impressive quietness, which interests us the most in this article. This is maintained even at high speeds, while you enjoy the discussions with the passenger accompanying you.

As for the tread life, this is probably where Michelin had to give in. Especially if we consider the huge price of this model. Either way, Michelin offers a tread life of 60,000 miles. If it's a lot or a little, it's up to you to decide. However, I think the performance of this model justifies its price, even with the sacrifice of a shorter tread life.

Summing up pros and cons

-Great quietness at highway speed;
- Confident braking and handling on dry tarmac;
-Decent braking and balanced handling on snowy roads;
-It's at the top list of best all-season tires in rainy weather;
- Up-to-the-mark traction and grip on snow.

- Pricey for its relatively short tread life;
-The driving isn't highly composed;
-Relatively short treadwear warranty.

Best Touring All-Season Quiet Tires for SUVs/Crossovers

 Michelin Premier LTX

Stop looking for the quietest tires for your SUV. You won't find anything better than this Premier LTX. The tire maker put ultimate refinement and quietness in the top priorities when he designed it.

As a result, the maker has modeled a tire that rolls smoothly both on clean surfaces and on tough paths. Noise and comfort remain equally sustainable in both scenarios. The icing on the cake is that Michelin did not have to sacrifice wet and dry traction in it.

The French manufacturer knows how to integrate balanced handling in any of its tires. The Premier LTX is not an exception in this sense. Its behavior is predictable, precise, and highly responsive to the driver's inputs.

As for the snow traction, expect pretty decent usability. While not the best for winter conditions, the Premier LTX is quite maneuverable and safe on winter roads. Ultimately, the tire comes with a decent 60,000-mile warranty. I know it doesn't surprise you too much, but it's a pretty decent guarantee for its class.

Summing up pros and cons


-Promising and reliable tread life;
-Superb grip and calibrated handling in a dry environment;
-Highly smooth rides over most surfaces;
-Appreciable traction, braking, and acceleration on wet roads;
-Superb quietness on both tough and smooth surfaces;
-Nice and easy control over wet rainy roads;
- Great handling in winter conditions.

- less tread life warranty than other offerings from the same class.

Best Highway All-Season Quiet Tires for Towing and Hauling

Michelin Defender LTX M/S

Michelin Again! I can't help but notice this model because it behaves very discreetly on heavy-duty vehicles. The tire maker has done everything possible to endow this model with a decent quietness even if these vehicles carry a lot of weight. This tire excellently resists additional cargo while maintaining superb noise control both over bumps and on highways.

This tire stands out for its impressive handling in wet conditions. Notably, this is very steady during braking and cornering, providing efficient lateral grip. On the other hand, this tire will not let you down on dry surfaces. It behaves as stable and balanced, maybe with a slightly longer braking distance than on wet roads.

But what is worth pointing out is that the Defender LTX M/S is a very reliable ally in snowy conditions. It remains stable, firm, and controllable, confidently biting the snow on the road. More than that, Michelin is very generous regarding its warranty, as this model enjoys a guaranteed resistance of up to 70,000 miles. This warranty is, by the way, the most durable in the respective class. So, the Defender LTX M/S promises to serve you long and loyally for many seasons to come.

Summing up pros and cons

-Great durability for a tire of this class;
- Confident traction and drivability on wet surfaces;
-Pretty smooth ride on highways;
- Expressive longitudinal traction and cornering grip on dry surfaces;
-Promising and reliable traction in light snow.

Pricey, pricey, pricey.

Best Highway All-Season Quiet Tires for Rain

Continental TerrainContact H/T

This is another tire option that will not disappoint you with its quietness. However, this comes with a number of other benefits included. For example, this TerrainContact H/T is a good ally for light snow conditions. I received great pleasure to feel it firm, secure, and highly controllable in such conditions. I liked the braking response as well as its acceleration abilities.

Another impressive aspect is its ability to handle water in rainy conditions. The tire disperses water efficiently and breaks as if there was no water on the road at all. Also, the handling is agile and you don't have to exert too much effort for the tire to respond effectively to your inputs. Ultimately, the superb lateral grip will increase your confidence in cornering maneuvers without feeling any danger from a safety perspective.

As for the dry behavior, the only objection is the vague steering. The rest is at a decent level with safe braking distance, agile cornering, and pretty dynamic acceleration included.

The most advantageous plus of the TerrainContact H/T tire remains its level of comfort and noise control. Its structure inhibits the noises to prevent them from reaching the cabin. You can even drive with the windows open on highways without them bothering you too much. Last but not least, the tire superbly controls the vibrations and shocks of sharp and bumpy roads.

Last but not least, Continental offers different warranties for different sizes of the TerrainContact H/T range. These include a resistance of up to 60,000 miles for LT-metric sizes and a 70,000 warranty for Eurometric options. Both offers are above average in the respective category.

Summing up pros and cons

-decent treadwear warranty for the category;
-Superb, even best-in-class wet braking;
-High comfort rating despite a little stiff ride;
- Impressive lateral wet grip;
-Superb noise control even on road imperfections;
-Great dry traction and grip;
-Enough ice traction for an all-season offering;
-Pretty calibrated handling in light snow.

- A bit of vague steering especially on dry pavement;
-Not reliable enough for off-road conditions;
- Above-average price.

Best Quiet All-Terrain Tires

Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015

We all know that most all-terrain tires sacrifice comfort and quietness in favor of all-terrain traction and power. While it's true in most cases, but not in the context of the Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 tire. Of course, you can't compare its comfort with that of QuietTrack, for example, but it's certainly a better offer than other all-terrain offerings.

You can expect a muffled growl with this tire, but believe me, other options are much more aggressive in noise. In addition, this tire has many other advantages to consider.

It performs decently on sandy, gravelly, and dirty surfaces. The on-road capabilities are not inferior at all and this is a tire you can rely on in various conditions. This provides one of the nicest driving experiences in its class, with the advantage of phenomenal snow traction.

Summing up pros and cons

-Long-lasting warranty for its category;
-Superb handling and traction on gravel and dirt;
-Quieter ride than other in-class options;
- Phenomenal on-road performance with great braking and superb grip included;
- Confident handling and traction in light snow;
- Up-to-the-mark braking and control in rainy conditions.

-Uneven roads can make it feel harsh;
- There is room for better in mud terrain.

Best All-Season Performance Tires for Overall

Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus

Like all-terrain, the performance tires cannot boast of the quietest profile of all. However, this applies to most tires, except for the ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus. This is a performance tire that shows that this class can be comfortable, even if many find it hard to believe. Of course, this does not compare to a QuietTrack. But from the whole range of performance tires, this one certainly stands out for the ride smoothness it delivers.

To be honest, Continental managed to increase the degree of comfort by reducing the degree of responsiveness. Other models from the high-performance class have a more agile nature in steering. This Continental, though, is somehow ... more lazy, if I can call it that. However, you can't have them all and you'll have to settle for the quietness of the ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus, which you won't find in any other performance tire.

In addition, you will enjoy other included benefits. For example, expect an impressive lateral grip and longitudinal traction. This is valid for both wet and dry conditions, by the way. Moreover, be sure that this tire will perform efficiently enough on light snow roads. This leaves a lot to be desired on icy surfaces, though.

The icing on the cake is the durability of this tire. While the warranty is shorter than other tires in this article, the ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus offers a tread life warranty of 50,000 miles, which is one of the most promising for its category.

Summing up pros and cons

-Pretty long-lasting tread life;
- Great performance on wet roads;
- Upper-than-average comfort for a performance tire;
-Superb balanced handling and dry lateral grip;
- Sufficient traction on light snow.

-Not the best performer on ice;
-There is room for better steering responsiveness.

Best All-Season Performance Quiet Tires for Budget

Vredestein Hypertrac All-Season

While I don't always encourage drivers to opt for much too affordable tires, this Vredestein Hypertrac All-Season really impressed me. I think it deserves to be under your radar when you want to combine a reasonable price and optimal efficiency of an all-season UHP tire.

I admit that initially, the tire causes a feeling of vague steering. But give it a little time for it to demonstrate its grip and traction skills. Once you feel their power, you will forget about the slightly numb steering.

Among the tires in the same class and the same budget, the Vredestein Hypertrac All-Season performs the most firmly in snow conditions. Its behavior on wet roads is also somewhat more reliable than its in-class opponents.

In particular, this tire blends comfort and quietness at a higher level than other models in the same category. This is close to the level of a touring tire, sounding just as quiet even on rough patches. Drivers who decide on this model will enjoy the advantage of a promising treadwear warranty. This is as durable as the previous Continental option and offers a 50,000-mile warranty.

Summing up pros and cons

-Pretty promising tread life for a UHP tire;
- Superb lateral grip on dry roads;
-Very attractive price for the performance profile;
- Steady braking and acceleration in dry conditions for the price;
-Nice quietness on highways and great smoothness for a performance tire;
- Highly handling on light snow;
-Satisfactory wet traction and sure-footed handling.

- Room for better balance in dry conditions, especially when on the limit;
- Lazy steering with delayed feedback.

Best Quiet Winter Tires

Continental VikingContact 7

To be honest, I don't know which aspect is superior in this tire. Handling or quietness? Comfort or traction? This tire performs splendidly in every aspect.

This is an optimal offering for those looking for good metrics in snow traction and handling. In addition, this copes with ice surfaces probably better than any other option mentioned in this article. Last but not least, it feels equally confident in both dry and wet conditions, leaving no chance of aquaplaning or slush.

What is pivotal to mention is the level of comfort that VikingContact 7 delivers. This rolls like on the butter while on highways. However, it would need some improvements when hitting some sharp road areas. Meanwhile, it generates thrashy noises in such conditions.

Summing up pros and cons

-Superb quietness on highways, even at higher speeds;
-Great braking and acceleration on ice surfaces;
- Plausible wet handling and traction;
-Has a decent place in the list of the best winter tires from the perspective of handling and traction.

- Not enough noise control over bumps and road imperfections;
- High price.

Bottom Line

Even if I prioritized ride quietness in this article, you should know that I tried to highlight the safety criterion in the proposed models. In my opinion, this criterion is the most crucial in the selection of a tire. Luckily, the manufacturers have enough technologies to bring them both together and here you have the list of 10 safest and quietest tires at the moment.

The proposed list offers options for different road conditions, weather, and vehicles. All have a profile that includes not only road quietness but also plenty of other advantages. This speaks of how efficient the tire industry is.

However, you don't have to choose any model just because they are all quiet. Your job is to understand their specifics and the environment in which they perform best. Each of them has its own trump card up its sleeve. If you match it with your driving conditions, you'll get the best deal. Drive safe and I hope you've enjoyed the article!

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